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Scene01: Introduction

    The dead are coming back to life and feeding on the flesh of the living. No one really knows how it started. Most think it happened as a result of a government experiment. A bio-hazard leak. Those of us at HQ think differently. We think it was an ill-managed Cobra exercise. Mindbender most likely playing God.

    What we do know is there are two basic types of zombies. The first type was dubbed molasses; slow and lethargic, they can usually be found in packs close to where they passed away. The molasses zombies are easily out run, but without a firearm or heavy blunt object they can be hard to put down. One attacks, then another, then another. The second zombie type is referred to as speedies. Speedies can run-like-the-wind. They donít need to breathe and their hearts do not pump, but their legs do. They have been spotted either alone or in groups far distances from where they died. Speedies are the most dangerous of the two zombie types. Even one can be deadly if you donít have a firearm.

                                                                  Dead End